We are a non-denominational ministry and to us that only means we have no denominational preference. We’re not in competition with any other Christian ministry. Our foundation is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We have a heart for all people. Our motto is: Whosoever Will, Let Him Come. We understand that there are a lot of people that are intimidated by churches, so we work extremely hard to make sure everyone that visits our ministry feels welcome, and that they all have the same opportunity to get to know Jesus Christ. Our commitment is that we’re not focusing on the under shepherd, we’re not focusing on our choir; we’re not focusing on our associate ministers, or on any other auxiliary of our church. Our heart is on Jesus Christ and He’s the only one that we are promoting. When you come, you will hear messages based on faith and Jesus Christ.

We are New Life Church of Faith!

We understand that Christianity is based on faith and believing that Jesus came, died, rose, and is coming back again. We have no fundraisers. We have no solicitations. We stand on Malachi 3:10, and we have stood on this belief for 25 years. We don’t have a pastor’s offering, a choir offering, or a Sunday school offering. We only operate out of the tithe and offering. We do not pressure you when you come into this ministry about finances. Our faith is this; If this is the ministry ordained by Jesus Christ, then He will touch the hearts of the members and whoever else would like to support it, without any tricks or any gimmicks. Because of this standard, we also stand in faith that God supplies all of our needs. We stand for integrity. We welcome you, and we want everyone to consider visiting us at New Life Church of Faith. God bless you.

“Whosoever Will, Let Him Come.”

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